Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's still January.

Where did the month go?

Kaelyn is 7 weeks old. She smiles a lot and has started to make cute baby noises. She has grown so much in such a short amount of time! She sleeps so good. A normal night starts off with 3 - 5 solid hours of sleep for me. She wakes up any time between 6 and 7:30 and stays awake for about an hour before sleeping again (and yes, I usually sleep again then too). Sleep was so much easier to come by once I figured out she was a tummy sleep when she was 3 weeks old. She was holding her head up at birth and can easily turn her head from side to side (she can even do it without knocking her pacifier out of her mouth).

Jared's new job is going not as expected. For starters, he still doesn't have a computer. Although he does finally have a badge. It's an easy job (and probably will continue to be easy after he gets a computer) and not what we expected. Hopefully that will change in about 6 months.

Our cats have settled into their temporary home, ValeReed's basement. I hear that hissing goes on between the cats occasionally but it's not too bad. I miss my cats.

The move went well. My mom flew out to Oregon to help us pack and there was no way we could have done it without her. I'm pretty certain she packed 95% of the stuff. And she cleaned most of the apartment... And drove our car and our cats across the country with horrible tires and extremely cold weather.

House hunting was very successful. The day after we flew to Ohio we looked at 12 houses and found the one we wanted. Now we are in contract and are turning in our request to remedy tomorrow. Some favorite aspects of the house: hardwood floors almost everywhere, lots of windows, double ovens, pantry (small, but still) yard, basement (unfinished), garage, mud room. Some work will need to be done on our part. Our realty is guessing that the seller won't take care of the chimney. We'll want to finish the basement. And we get to install our own shelving in all the closets. No one has lived in the place for several years and the house was flipped. It feels like we'll be the first to live here!

I can't wait until it closes and we can move in. Hopefully it won't take the moving company too long to get our stuff out here. It's difficult to live in someone else's house and not have anything of your own. I keep busy by going over to the farm and helping out with my younger siblings school and stuff. I go clogging with my mom and sister and that is a lot of fun. I at least get that much exercise and wow, is it exercise when you haven't done anything remotely resembling exercise except for giving birth in the last 10 months.