Sunday, May 17, 2009

Like Father - Like Husband?

I love Jared. And that love is the reason I can tell stories about him.

We got a vacuum as a wedding present. It worked okay for a time but then the suction was pretty much non-existent. It acted like it was doing something before spitting it back out. Finally, I got a new vacuum - the same kind ValeReed as except mine is a blue-green color and theirs is maroon. It arrived on Friday and the office signed for it. We didn't get home in time to pick it up so we had to wait until Saturday.

Saturday is our "make an effort to clean" day. We've been horrible at it this last month because I haven't had any motivation. But hey! I was feeling pretty good so I was cleaning in the kitchen. Jared did the cat litter. And then pulls out our vacuum. Not the nice, new vacuum that we just bought. But our crappy suction-less vacuum. And this was after me saying over and over again "the office isn't open yet! I want my vacuum!" How does this even seem logical?

So instead of going to the office to get the package, he tells me that I can get it whenever I'm ready to. Which worked out fine since the office just opened and I actually could get it.

And man, listen to all that hair and cat litter being sucked up. It was so nice. And it's not as loud as the crappy vacuum. Bonus.

It reminded me of Dad. Love you too, Dad! I can hear Mom laughing now at yet another incident that sounds exactly like something my father would do. :-D

Friday, May 15, 2009

What to say?

I'm kinda drumming my fingers thinking of something to say. I'm not coming up with much.

My nausea seems to have ebbed. Yay! Only two weeks! *knock on wood* Course now I want to eat every 10 minutes, but hey. I had NACHOS last night and even without sour cream, they tasted soooo good.

My apartment complex tells me that my new apartment will be available in June. Yay! I think it'll cost $10 less than what we're paying now...

Jaeden smells melon. And she begs for it. She doesn't just sit in front of you and look like Charlie does. She puts her paw on your arm, rubs her head on you, and meows so pitifully. How can I resist?

Our new vacuum came today! But I won't be able to get it until tomorrow because the office signed for it and they'll be closed when I get home.

Today I discovered vinyl lettering. Brittany, you're brilliant.

Oh, and I chose where I want to finish out my prenatal care and give birth. Now to actually become one of their patients...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeans Every Day!

Being bought by HP has its perks. Today it was announced in a town hall (that again, nobody listened too because who has the time and the bandwidth too?) that every location is jeans every day.

They added that in places that deal with clients that you dress as the client would dress. For some people, that might be a problem. For us, let me tell you Oregon's Department of Human Services dress code.

*long silence*

And that about sums it up. The short of it is "we don't have one, but keep it unoffensive, please".

Our account manager advised us that you dress as you would for the level of client that you're meeting with. So if you have executives with you, business professional. Others, business casual. Poor trainers and managers.

Ahh, but I am NEVER in meetings with the client so I could wear jeans EVERY DAY if I wanted too. EVERY DAY! I probably won't because I'm still at the front desk and am the first person all visitors to our building see. But still. I COULD. Every day!