Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeans Every Day!

Being bought by HP has its perks. Today it was announced in a town hall (that again, nobody listened too because who has the time and the bandwidth too?) that every location is jeans every day.

They added that in places that deal with clients that you dress as the client would dress. For some people, that might be a problem. For us, let me tell you Oregon's Department of Human Services dress code.

*long silence*

And that about sums it up. The short of it is "we don't have one, but keep it unoffensive, please".

Our account manager advised us that you dress as you would for the level of client that you're meeting with. So if you have executives with you, business professional. Others, business casual. Poor trainers and managers.

Ahh, but I am NEVER in meetings with the client so I could wear jeans EVERY DAY if I wanted too. EVERY DAY! I probably won't because I'm still at the front desk and am the first person all visitors to our building see. But still. I COULD. Every day!

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