Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My dual-wielding baby

I keep showing this picture off to my family so I figured it's one that should go on my blog. Jamie asked if she was sneezing. Nope, not this baby. She made that face for the picture. Dual-wielding chicken nuggets!! She ate them both too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guys, I feel grown up!

Today I cooked a chicken. A whole one. And it was GOOD!!!

Okay, so. I like tender and juicy meat. Beef, turkey, chicken. Yeah. Tender. Juice. Meat. We haven't been too successful with tender and juicy roasts and steaks (beef) but Jared is getting better. This week I decided to buy a whole chicken since my confidence was boosted by a book I picked up from the library last week. Lucky for me, I stopped by the ground turkey (which I didn't buy) and saw right next to them ORGANIC whole chickens! I dunno about a price comp because I have no idea what un-organic whole chickens cost. But it was organic! Free range! Organic!

It was so easy to prep and cook. And I have plans so it's not just a one dinner chicken.

Oh, oh, oh! I did EVERYTHING. No help! I prepped, cooked, sliced, and deboned! ALL MY SELF! See? I do feel growned up.

And despite the most solid food she's eaten since Thursday's dinner was mashed potatoes and blended cheesy macaroni, Lindey ate one of the wings. I'm pretty certain her eyes rolled upwards upon first taste. I will take that as a "this is yummy!" indication as well as a "solid food!" Jared said it was good but he'd rather he were allowed to eat the breast (apparently chicken on bones is freaky). Even Kaelyn ate some.

And the worse news? I didn't take a picture.

But it was yummmmmmy! Okay, seriously. I like making good food. I just don't always feel that I succeed. And whole birds are were scary to me. Tonight not only did I cook a chicken, I also roasted potatoes and carrots (Jared had never seen a purple potato before) which came out perfect and had a simple caesar salad. We are terrible at remembering a side dish so to have three total dishes for dinner feels like a huge accomplishment!

Bottom line, people. Organic food rocks. No comparison.