Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just wanted to write.

Today has been an odd day simply because it's Sunday but not a normal Sunday. Our church building decided to have electrical problems and so everything was canceled today (that's 4 wards that didn't meet today). I didn't even get dressed today. Yup. That's how lazy I was today.

You see, it started off with taking CounterAct Night (Melaleuca's nighttime cold medicine) last night. I'm not a hater, but every time I go to my grandmother's house, I come back and get stuffed up at night. I wasn't even there that long this time! No matter. So I took stuff so I could get sleep. The downside is that Kaelyn nurses throughout the night. So I still have to open my eyes so I don't run into walls or drop Kaelyn. I woke up in the morning begging Jared to take Kaelyn. Yay, he did. Two hours of additional sleep almost put me to rights.

So then I get up. And. I dunno. I just didn't really want to do anything. I mean. It's still Sunday so I didn't want to do projects and I don't typically clean or do laundry either. And I can't read scriptures all day.

Kaelyn solved most of my problem by not taking naps when she should and being tired, crabby, and needy. And cute. (She will be 7 months tomorrow.)

The other thing I did (besides stay in my pjs which now I will change out of into clean pjs for tonight) was create my meal plan for the week. Yummers. I'm excited. This week I have one of my favorite dishes from growing up, some Alton Brown recipes, and a slow cooker.

Then my sister shows up tonight. With three bags of zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers. Ginormous zucchini. Bloated cucumbers. The yellow squash actually looked normal sized. Now I have added lots of zucchini sides to my meal plan for the week! And probably some zucchini bread. Valerie says they will have more so if I find more yummy-sounding recipes, I can have more! Yum to fresh homegrown veggies.

Which reminds me that I need to help out in my mom's garden. When the weather isn't 90 or raining when I'm in that direction.

I really don't have anything important to say. I just felt like writing something.

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