Friday, December 3, 2010

Rolls in the making

Back in October, I made rolls using a recipe I hadn't used before. The recipe didn't exactly say how many rolls I would end up with. So after I let the dough rise, I wasn't expecting this...

Or this (which is just a different view of the above).

Or this.....
Doesn't that look like... I don't know. Such a big blob! It was huge!

True to its claim, however, these were good rolls. Although... they came out huge. This picture doesn't not do it justice. They were the size of two rolls. But they were very light and oh so very yummy. The missionaries who stopped by my house to pick up some pants (or maybe they were dropping them off) benefited from some fresh rolls as I was just pulling them out of the oven. They also declared them delicious.

Although I don't have a picture of them, only half the dough was made into rolls. The rest were made into cinnamon rolls. Yummy. Of course.

The next time I made this recipe, I knew a little better what to do. I halved the recipe, for starters. I made the roll chunks smaller so that I had smaller rolls. When they were rising, I forgot to put them in my oven (the warm spot) and so they weren't quite as light as the first time around. However, they were still quite delicious. 

Warning: This recipe is not the easiest roll recipe out there. There are more steps and dirties more dishes.

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