Monday, January 2, 2012

A Recap of Christmas

I wanted to quickly clarify something in my post yesterday. I purposely left my to-do’s vague for my blog only. Trust me, I have a much longer and detailed list. I just didn’t think they needed to all be put up for public viewing unlike last year.

Our Christmas tree is still up. I should probably take it down soon. But since it is artificial, what’s the rush? (Okay, seriously, Suki. You’d better have that tree down by Chinese New Year.)

The evening before Christmas Eve, we went down to my grandparents house to have Christmas Eve with my family. Despite it being the day before. It’s what worked for people. We opened presents from Nana & Papa as well as did all the Secret Pal presents.

Many moons ago, Secret Pals meant that we picked a name (in SECRET to be kept a SECRET hence the name SECRET pals) 13 days before Christmas. Then every day (for the 12 Days of Christmas) we did something (in SECRET) for our SECRET Pal and, of course, gave a gift to them on Christmas day. Nowadays with us all grown up and –sniff- saving China, we just give gifts. (Can you tell that most of my siblings don’t keep their SECRET pals a SECRET?)(And now the way that secret is spelled is starting to look really weird to me.)

We had Josh. We gave him 3 gifts: underwear (no joke—it was his own underwear too), stuff with notes on them (pre-cooked bacon, a pack of gum, small donuts, stuff like that), and a weekend of fun with us (the notes were clues but we had to tell him what they meant).

Kimmi had us. She took a picture from when we got married and put the family proclamation over it. And framed it. I love it! It’s really cool and will certainly be added to our collection of pictures and picture frames that need to be hung up.

Most of the siblings pitched in for a gift card for Mom and Dad to go to a Cameron Mitchell restaurant. (At least they did verbally. Pay up, yo! No rush...)

Kaelyn’s noisy toys increased. But at least they are useful. One of her gifts from Nana & Papa was an ABC learning laptop. She ADORES it. She tells me all the time that “it’s loading”. She can already sing her ABCs and she knows that they have a shape related to them. She doesn’t necessarily know which sound goes with which letter shape.

Saturday was pretty low key.

Sunday was busy for a Sunday and for Christmas. We went to my parents ward and participated in a bunch of musical numbers there. Then we drove to my ward where we participated in a bunch of musical numbers there. Then we went home and had a filling lunch of sandwiches with my family before opening stockings with them. Then they left and we opened the rest of our presents. Then I slept. So did Kaelyn. We were pretty cute. We woke up and ate filet mignon for our Christmas dinner.

Yup. Steak.

Jared did an awesome job with my presents!! In my stocking, I got two bars of my favorite chocolate and some other stuff and a gift certificate for a massage!!! Like a real one. Actually two real ones. !!!!! And as a present, he gave me a really cozy comfy blanket. Kaelyn REALLY likes my blanket. I like it more.

My gifts to Jared aren’t even worth mentioning after what he got me. But I’ll say a few of them anyway. He got a good kitchen knife (he has used it a few times and really likes it) and the first season of Psych (which we haven’t watched yet).

Enough talking. Pictures! (And only a small fraction of the number of pictures I took.) (And I don’t have the hang of taking pictures at night, indoors, without flash, on manual. Yet. I will get there.)


Kaelyn found Santa Claus in her Polar Express book from Grandma and Grandpa.


Mariella (Valerie’s third) awake and happy.


Kevin, Gracie, Jamie, and Lilli.


Jamie and Kevin gave Mom and Dad a trailer hitch (Kevin made it!).


I don’t look all too thrilled in this picture. I must be reading it. A double-sided puzzle. Luckily it’s only 500 pieces or I might never touch it.


Jared with his Grinch PJs. Kaelyn helped pick them out. She loves them.


Having a quiet moment and watching Frosty the Snowman.


Showing off some Christmas PJs.


Lindey’s very red mouth due to a candy cane.


We gave the cats a play toy. They love it. Kara (white cat) brought it upstairs that first night hoping for some play time.


On Jared’s side of the family, his sister Tonnie had us. One of the gifts we got was this doll house with a daddy, a mommy, and a baby. She immediately started playing with it. She loves it. Thanks, Tonnie (and family)!


See? Steak. We marinated mine in Italian dressing and left Jared’s unmarinated. I liked mine better.

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