Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Organized

Organization is a scary word sometimes. Unfortunately, I like to be organized. I like structure and I like routines. I like small amounts of sponteneity too, but there is no way that I can live bouncing around from one thing to the next without any plans to do so.

My task last week was to re-organize our apartment. With the invasion of bed bugs and the exterminators we got along with them, everything has been in disarray. For a long while, we washed our clothes and folded them onto our dining room table. We slept on the living room floor. We put a bunch of stuff in our storage closet and everything is just ... well, dis-organized. I couldn't stand it anymore. There is a time when you just have to get mad enough to change whatever it is that's not quite right. When you can say enough is enough!

I began by collecting a few boxes and making fabric-covered cubby holes. We purchased some files and file holders. Then I started going through everything. Nothing is passing my hands without having a place to put it. Lots of recycling of paper going on too. I requisitioned a binder for household information such as when we cleaned what, price checks on grocery items, and emergency contact information.

I'm still not done. Sometime I will be able to just maintain. For now it feels like good old fashioned spring cleaning!

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