Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Dark Knight

I have a hard time with most action movies. Blood, guts, gore... they disturb me. They leave me feeling gross. It doesn't even help to look away at parts because I know it's still happening.

When The Dark Knight was released, I wanted to see it. Jared was surprised because of the above paragraph. But I loved Batman Begins and was looking forward to this sequel. We saw it in the theater and I really enjoyed it. It was a very well done movie. The acting was good, the script was good. I think I preferred the the first Rachel to the second.

Tonight, we watched it again. Actually, it's still on. And I'm not watching it anymore. For some reason, I started getting really disturbed. It wasn't the killing, actually. It was the Joker. He really got to me. I think it was because of continually discovering issues at work that are in various stages of disarray. Then I watch the Joker and he's all about living without rules, doing things because he can. How is a (somewhat) obsessive compulsive person supposed to handle that when they actually think about complete lack of organization of any kind? No rhyme or reason to the madness.

I still like the movie. I would like to watch it again some day. Maybe at 10 in the morning on a sunny day. Then afterwards, I can go for a walk, go swimming, watch You've Got Mail or another such happy movie.

Batman: the man who makes the right choice when nobody else can. (In Alfred's words.) He either dies a hero or lives long enough to see himself become the villain.

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  1. The Joker was very disturbing. I closed my eyes at a few parts because I knew what was coming. Another thing that I thought was a little annoying was that there were sooooo many characters that Batman kind of got overshadowed.