Monday, June 8, 2009

Just some random things.

There hasn't been any sort of interesting things to say about what's been going on in the Lotti household. Or outside the household.

Pregnancy: Today is week 14. Nausea is mostly gone. Appetite is here. Breath support isn't so much here as I noticed yesterday at church. At my appointment last week I got to hear the heart beat and record it on my phone (so somehow I need to get it off my phone to my computer). Patricia (my midwife) said I have a long middle section, firm abs, and baby is well above my pelvic bone. I weighed exactly the same as I had 5 weeks previous. I didn't have to get blood drawn.

Christmas: Is still a ways away, but I'm really excited about it. Disclaimer: Not because my baby's born in December either. Whenever I think "Christmas", I never also think "baby". I see scenes of making Christmas cookies, a puzzle always in the works (usually the one of the tree in Times Square), wassail, Christmas trees and decorations, and Christmas music. I've been working on my nativity set still and finished my 4th character yesterday. I'm 1/3 done. Yay for Christmas!

So I'm online with Lindey a few weeks ago. I'm at work and listening to music.

Me: Confession - I still like NSync's music.
Lindey: Confession - Me too.

Then a few days later, I'm talking with Kimmi. I'm at work and listening to music.

Me: *sings* And no matter what I do, I feel the pain with or without you. *dance*
Kimmi: Where's that from?
Me: *sings* It's tearin up my heart when I'm with you and when we are apart I feel it toooooooooo *dance*
Kimmi: *signs off*

Then I reminisced about the days when Josh liked That Thing You Do, NSync, and Collin Dunne "lead boy - I don't like Michael Flatley."

Good times.


  1. i still like nsync too. i think maybe more now than before. strange, no?

    kimmi just doesn't appreciate it.

    and i miss josh dancing to riverdance music too...haha

  2. He probably still likes those things, he just won't admit it.

  3. Yay baby!

    I love Christmas too, but now I always associate Andrew with it because he was born only 5 days after.

    And I still LOVE N Sync. I heard them on the radio about a month ago, and I started screaming. I'm such a girl.