Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Moving!

It's official. Across the parking lot and everything! We saw it today before signing for it. We have the rest of the month to move in and they aren't charging us for basically having two apartments right now. Yay! We're paying $30 more for it, but I'm more than fine with that.

We get two bathrooms. Ours has a shower and the other one has a tub and the washer and dryer. Which I already love. It's my favorite feature (besides the baby room). Right now we have ones on top of each other and these other ones are side by side with a shelf overhead. Yay. A place for our laundry detergent! And bigger loads! I love it.

We're going to actually paint. Which is intimidating for me. Picking colors and what not... yikes. We'll see how it goes. We're pretty certain the apartment will get less sun than we do now, so I definitely want to keep the colors light with no really heavy colors. Also trying to pick out a theme for baby's room isn't easy. But in talking with Lindey today, I'm thinking JUNGLE. Kinda like the pants I made and looooved several years back.

Jared doesn't want to do the kitchen though... which may be all right. Except that would probably make it the only room without paint which would bother me. We'll see.

Any ideas, color themes, etc are welcome!

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  1. We still haven't painted our apartment. I'm thinking it will be done sometime in the next two months. I'm having trouble committing to colors though,and debating whether to only paint half of the walls since we'll have to paint it back to white before we move (which will be another three years). It's a little bit stressful but it'll be nice when it's all painted and pretty! Maeli's room doesn't have a theme...too much work for me :) We'll see though, I might get bored someday.