Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Update

Sunday morning came around and I wanted to go early so I could either duplicate or undo the weird-ness of the week before. Jared, bless his heart, still dragged his feet. So I only got there a little early. Enough to run through the songs. Luckily, the organ was back to normal (thanks to whoever played in the ward after me). I didn't have time to try to duplicate the problem, but during the closing hymn, I spotted "Acoustic Portrait" or something like that. It's a switch next to the "memory" and "cursor" buttons. (I actually don't understand the cursor button because there's also a spinning knob that acts like a cursor as well. That's one mystery I don't have to find out though.)

Saturday I went shopping. Maternity clothes are way more comfortable than regular clothes. And so much easier to find than modest, cute regular clothes. Now that there's no waist band keeping anything in and up, Jared thinks I look much more pregnant now. I only slightly agree. :) Ah, well. Today is 19 weeks and Friday is our ultrasound appointment.

Happy birthday to Andi today! She's excited to become an "aunt" because she has decided that waiting for Sara will take far too much time.

I've managed to startled Jared out of his sleep for a second time. This time I was close to screaming because my leg cramped up and that jerked me awake.

When I began this post, I actually had something to say but now I have quite forgotten what it is.


  1. Forgetting everything is normal! And it lasts after the baby is born, sorry to let you know.

    I love maternity clothes. As long as they're cute. Some of them are uuuugly.

    And yay for a normal-playing organ. That is good.

  2. Happy half-way point! Almost, anyway.

    Yeah, Regarding Your Note. That's how we used to do it on Xanga. I don't know what the memes are here.

  3. Wow, you must be pretty big (hope that doesn't offend you) to be fitting into maternity clothes already. You must be having a boy.

  4. Hate to tell you, gender doesn't matter as much as the size of the baby and how you carry.

    Leg cramps probably mean you need more calcium. Make sure your taking your vitamins, up your dairy intake, and take Calmacid if you need a bit more.

    Hey, notice, I have my own identity now.

  5. Melody - *whimper* But I like remembering things...

    Jamie - Whatever you want, I suppose. I had just never seen RYN before. It reminds me of nurses.

    Valerie - I'm really not that big (week 16 and 18 pictures on Facebook). It's just that my regular clothes weren't fitting anymore. Buttoned shirts would gap, top buttons of pants wouldn't close, things like that.

    Mom - I noticed your new identity BEFORE you said it! And geez, my focus has been protein and water. Not calcium...