Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.

The bank has finally cleared us to close! I was beginning to think I would never hear that. We settled on Monday, March 22, at 10 a.m. to close. Hopefully that works out for the seller. (If I had my way, Jared would take work off for a few hours tomorrow so we could close, but he couldn't.)

Let's give a quick recap of this journey.

October - December 2009: Jared is approached for an interview. He has a total of three interviews before an offer letter comes through (and from hearing "it's coming" to its actual arrival .... via email .... took about 2 weeks). The letter came three days after Kaelyn was born.

January 2010: The apartment is packed. Everyone and everything goes where it needs to go. Jared starts his new job. Kaelyn is 4 weeks old. We look at houses the day after we land in Ohio.

January 18, 2010: All parties sign a contract for our house. When we went to see it on that first day, our realtor said she knew when someone liked a house when they were already placing furniture (I was picking one of two locations for my piano).

January - March 2010: We get a house inspection, a chimney inspection, a structural inspection, another structural inspection, extend our contract twice, get basement work done, a city inspection, a final structural inspection. And then we wait. And give lots of paperwork to our mortgage broker (who got to deal with the underwriter). And we wait some more.

March 18, 2010: Exactly two months after entering contract, we get the word that we are CLEAR TO CLOSE.


Oh, and this whole time we're staying at the Farm, the grandparents, or ValeReed's. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. I want my pillow top mattress. I want my glider I never took out of the box. I want Kaelyn's clothes because she's growing out of all the ones I have here. I want pants other than these maternity ones.

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