Thursday, March 25, 2010


We finally closed on our house on Monday. I'll spare you the details, but we were still providing the lender with information as we were walking out the door to go to the title company to close. And that was AFTER closing was delayed an hour.

The seller's agent (they were unavailable) handed over the keys despite the fact that the lender was slow in wiring the loan and we wasted no time in getting over to our home. Jared's first official act of home ownership was to raise the thermostat. Our first meal in our house was Wendy's.

We also wasted no time in living in our home. We're pretty much in the one carpeted room in the house. We moved our cats over here last night. Between Jared (who kept talking about kilobytes in his sleep), Kaelyn (who woke up frequently), and the cats (who thought they needed to be up every time Kaelyn was up), I didn't sleep very well. Kara is still skulking around.

Yesterday we purchased a washer and dryer which will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Today we are purchasing a color paint wheel thing and a measuring tape. I am EXCITED. :D


  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am *so* glad it finally worked, congratulations to the Lotti family!!!

  2. When Kaelyn was born I explained that I had decided to replace the word congratulations with a phrase I picked up from our 19th century novels.

    I give you joy on your new home, my dear.