Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cooking: Strawberry Syrup and Crepes

I love breakfast. As in the food that one typically eats at such a meal. Pancakes: check. French toast: check. Waffles: check. Did I mention I love carbs, too? If breakfast and carbs are one and the same, then I am totally there.

We start with some good yummy strawberries. I took the recipe from here. They have such lovely food photos that makes EVERYTHING look good. There are also a lot of helpful hints to help you make really good food.

After a short while cooking on the stove top and then a whirl in a blender (or food processor), we have...

....strawberry sauce that looks a lot better in person. Promise. (Look! My ramekins I got on clearance at JoAnns!!)

Then we take some more strawberries.

And make some of these yummy tasties from here. Trust me. Using butter every single time is the best way to make crepes. I forgot the butter one time tested it today. Although that could just be the recipe and my pan and my stove. Making crepes their way was a lot shorter than whatever I was doing before.

Jared thought the syrup tasted "just like it looks". A fruit roll up. Not certain if that's good or not.

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