Thursday, June 17, 2010

A picturescape of my life

I promise you I've been doing things. Let me introduce you to my house.

This was when the snow was pretty mild back in December. By the time I saw it, there was more snow. By the time we were doing inspections (one of them anyway), the snow was more than halfway to our knees.

Jared's first official act as home owner.

Our first meal in our home (less than an hour after signing).

Our living space for 2 or 3 or however many weeks it was before the moving company got all our stuff here.

Master closets sans doors. Hers and His. The green is pretty, don't get me wrong. But not for my bedroom.

There was no closet shelving anywhere. This was the first time I've used a power drill in my adult life. I did it all myself!

The prep for Kaelyn's room.

Pretty, pretty colors.

I can't wait to use these colors again.

A crappy dresser that we were given when we were married. I'm still working on it, but I promise you it looks better than this.

The fabric I got for Kaelyn's cloth wipes (which I LOVE to all you mothers with babes in dipes out there).

A sign I got and made better for Jared's anniversary present.

And of course, my baby at six months. She is full of smiles and love for everyone.

I promise more posts in the future. Promise.


  1. More posts would be welcome. This one was worth the wait. :D

  2. perfect pictures! I love the house, the paint, the wipes, everything! I am amazed that you can have what I deem difficult circumstances and you never complain a peep (i.e. sleeping on the floor) you're amazing, Suki!

  3. That is so cool that you guy have your own place! I can't wait to see more pictures.

    I have never heard of cloth wipes! The fabrics look great but the concept seems horrible! Do you really like them?