Monday, February 7, 2011

A longing for spring

I worked on some projects over the weekend. I took pictures. I was planning on sharing today. But not anymore. Today is another grey day. And I'm feeling like pretty pictures of warm days where snow and ice doesn't cover the ground is much more appropriate.

Good thing I have pictures that I never blogged about ready for a moment like this.

One of our surprises of our house was this tree. We didn't know what it was except that it majorly leans (due to the massive tree the looms over it depriving this smaller tree of sunlight) and that it was poorly cared for (surprise? the house hadn't been lived in for a while).

We were both pleased to see that it is a cherry tree! A sour cherry tree but a cherry tree nonetheless.

It was such a pretty site to see its branches hanging low with the weight of all these cherries.

The tree is taller than my ladder reaches though. I wasn't able to pick nearly enough. I think I got a third of what the tree produced. Only a third! And that was everything within my reach.

 Hey look. There's the back of my house. Not so much a pretty view. The lack of windows astonish me.

One bowl full of cherries. Can you see that? No snow! Green grass!

And sunshine! And pretty cherries!

I washed the cherries. That part is easy. The time consuming part is pitting these babies. Sticky. Messy. Not exactly easy even with a cherry pitter (perhaps it wasn't a good pitter). No pictures because, well, I was rather sticky and messy.

I laid them out to dry because I didn't want them to stick together so much when I froze them.

I put them on a cookie sheet to stick in the freezer. Then I put them back in a bowl because I forgot to mix it with sugar. I put them on the cookie sheet. Again. Then I put them on the freezer for a few hours so they were mostly frozen. I put them in freezer gallon sized bags. I wrote down how much and what was in it on the bags and stuck them back on the freezer. They stacked nicely. And they tasted great slightly frozen with sugar on them. Yum!

I miss warmth, sunshine, and green grass.

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