Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Blog,

I forgot about you once again. Please forgive me as work has been busy. Not only that, but our laptop is still broken. We ordered parts for a new computer, but some of the parts came defective so we have to send them back and get new ones. I've enjoyed not having my own computer. I've been able to do lots of other things instead.

I wanted to write to you and let you know that I'm okay. Jared and I recently returned from a short jaunt to the MotherState of Ohio. I brought back a bruise and a cold. I saw all my nieces. Only Lily didn't like me. Some presents found their way to me: a moose ornament that is decorating my cubicle wall, a cornhusk girl that Josh won just for me, a lunch bag that works really really well for me, and a moose shirt that is now my new favorite shirt. We played a game where the catch phrase is "it's not over until the Kings are wild". And Pit. We saw Bolt - for 50 cents each!! Each!! That's $3.50 total! Which only pays for like half a person here in Salem.

I got enormous amounts of exercise and was outside a lot. It was glorious. I also realized how smushy I've become being away from the farm. Calluses? I don't have those. Stamina? You don't need that for a desk job. But the sun was really nice. We came back to Oregon to the overcast gray skies.

There isn't anything else that is new although I do have a book report I must write now at GoodReads - my favorite book place.

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  1. "It's not over til the Kings are wild", would that by chance be 5 crowns? We LOVE that game.