Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tell me I look young when I'm 40, okay?

Last Tuesday I turned 22. Yet I still look way too young for my age. Everyone keeps telling me that one day I'll appreciate it, but when you're 22, you want to look 22. You don't want to look like you're 16.

Think about it. You have roughly 4 stages of your life: Child, Teenager, Adult, Senior. When you're in one section, you don't want to look like another section. Unless you're a senior and want to look like an adult. Who wants to look like a teenager when they're an adult! You may want to look like a younger adult... but not a teenager.

About a month ago, I attended a meeting in a building that was not mine. When I was getting a visitor badge, the receptionist asked "What are you here for?" That is a standard question. "Are you here to see your parents?" That is not a standard question.

And Jared wonders why there are days when I wear make up (he calls it cover up, I call it enhancements). I actually look a year or two older!

So if I look so young, why are people surprised when I tell them my actual age? It's not an "Oh! You're so much older than you look!" Rather, it's an "Oh! You really are so young!" Okay. It's not THAT big a deal. Everyone is entitled to be young at some point in their life. This is mine. You had yours... now let me have mine. WITHOUT you tell me that I'm young. I know. Let's move on...


  1. I've always had people tell me that I look older than I am. People sometimes think I'm older than Susette. Like... a couple years older. :(

    Your situation kinda reminds me of David Knox. People used to think he looked 14 when he was our age. Haha.

  2. Tell me I look young when I'm 50, okay?

  3. Which will be in a few days. Just a friendly reminder :)