Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 26 Appt and the Bread Machine

Today I had an appointment. I'm 26 weeks along and have so far gained 23 pounds. Yup, another 10 pounds in 4 weeks.

Picture taken 20 minutes ago.

The conversation went something like this:
Me: *talking about what I've been eating and how it's been hard to curb the carb cravings*
Midwife: Well, you look really healthy so I'm not worried. Now if we starting seeing something odd, we may have this conversation again only different.
10 minutes later I weigh myself.
Midwife: Remember when I said we may talk again....
She wasn't really worried (yet anyway) but did suggest that I could try substituting more protein for carbs. If I continue this trend, I'm facing about 60 total pounds of weight gain.

Baby was doing good with her heartbeat in the 140s. Her head is down. And they say I'm pretty much all baby. (And Jared agrees with me that my thighs and butt doesn't look any bigger, so where is all that weight going? The boob growth can't equate THAT much particularly since they haven't grown any more in the last few months.)

They both said they love my appointments because I'm so easy. They assure me I'll be awesome when I go past my due date and also when I'm actually in labor. I'm not so sure about that. Just because I'm laid back now doesn't mean that I'm always like that.

Next topic: Making bread with my bread machine.

Some time ago, my sister-in-law got a new bread machine which means I got her old one. (This is also how I received my sewing machine.) I've never used it. I've intended to use it, but just never had. Well, one thing this carb craving did was to get me to use it. We had a bread machine box mix thingy. I made a 1lb bread because I didn't know if my pan would fit the 1 1/2 - 2 lb. Turns out that it will.

Anyway, I searched online for a manual. None. Great. So I looked at the manuals I could find and found one that had a similar display and interface. All other instructions seemed to be the same for this brand of machine (Oster).

It was delicious to the taste and very desirable. It was also gone in 24 hours. And no, I did not eat all of it. Jared had half of it.

Next time I will try "light crust" because "medium" was too dark for me. (ou should know that I am the person who eats what my husband and my family calls "warm bread" instead of "toast".)


  1. Warm bread! hahaha that made my morning! You are looking fantastic!!! <3

  2. Ah yes, the warm bread. Actually, I kinda do that too. XDDD

    But you don't look as pregnant as I think you should. XD Some of the leaders get so HUGE when they get pregnant here.

  3. I know what you mean by all baby. I was definitely all baby- seriously. I only gained 30 lbs my pregnancy but it was definately the baby. Oh for you info you gain 8 to 10 lbs of blood when your pregnant so that might be part of the weight gain. Also- if you go over your date im sure you will care. that last few weeks are literally TORTURE. at least for me it was but I was pregnant during the whole summer.

  4. you look amazing, as usual...

    i still think i'm bigger than you.

  5. 60 lbs is the norm in the Lotti family. I guess you can pray that our genes go with your blood and not the baby's! :)