Friday, August 7, 2009

Um. Stuff.

I didn't mean to leave my blog alone for so long. I have a week 22 picture I need to get off my camera and onto my computer. I just haven't done it yet. So I haven't posted yet.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me is the amount of sleep I have been getting. In truth, it is not very exciting. Waking up at 4am was becoming normal to me. So was going back to sleep until 6am. The last several nights have been filled with many more waking moments than not. It is sad when you wish for 5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday I took the day off. I had slowly been approaching this point. It was unavoidable. I was waking up so often and had started crying each time. The day before, I was periodically crying at work. And while it's cooler outside, the car just doesn't stay cool enough with the sun shining down for me to take a nap.

Scheduling 40 people for interviews within 3 days is pretty exciting. And fun! It's a nice puzzle to put together, so I am enjoying it. It does scare me for next week when I'm gone. Balancing conference rooms and schedules is fun enough up front. I won't even be able to see the fruits of my labors and see the interviewers get confused while playing musical conference rooms or the constant flow of people from off site having no clue what room they should be or even not getting into the building because nobody's there to let them in.

I ate a caramel apple yesterday. It had rice krispies on it. And chocolate. And tiger butter (which is a peanut butter based yumminess). And mini marshmallows.

I received my first baby item today (hmm, guess I need to actually start getting the room ready). Pampers Newborn Diapers compliments of a co-worker (male, even). He says he has even more diapers, he just has to find them. Also, a lot of newborn clothes some of which haven't even been used by his little Catie because his parents brought them from England after she was too big for them. Actually, the people I work with are pretty awesome. Someone else (also male) said he has tons of toys and clothes. I just have to tell him when I'm ready to collect or if I'm looking for anything in particular. Jared's parents are paying for our crib (his mother is anxiously waiting to go shopping!). Jared's sister is letting us borrow her bassinet (especially since it's in Oregon and she's in Arizona). Valerie's giving me wall paper border (okay, so the story is that I bought it and got it shipped to her house - brilliant). We are very blessed with the people around us.

A chocolate chip oatmeal cookie sounds really nice right now.


  1. Anything junk food sounds good from the moment you're able to think about food without feeling nauseous until probably you're done breastfeeding. It'll probably continue after that, but it won't be as much fun because you'll have to start watching what you eat. :(

    I want to see that picture!

  2. Oh yeah... I need to send that.

  3. YUM! Was it a chocolate-covered apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?? Try the rocky road one from there.

    And "no sleep" is NOT COOL. You'll have enough sleep deprivation once she gets here. Here's the deal: GO see my acupuncturist. He is AWESOME and can treat you even when you're pregnant. Your insurance might even cover it. If not, doesn't paying $60 (well, $90 for the first visit) sound WELL worth it in order to be able to have deep, satisfying sleep at night???? It almost makes ME want to cry just thinking about you not being able to sleep! I LOVE sleep! You need to sleep. Call him: CT Holman ( at 503-881-8361. He's booked out a month in advance but tell the receptionist it's kind of an emergency and that you're a friend of mine and see if that does anything. And then tell me about it. I'll drive you myself if I have to!! GO!