Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Feels like a 5 lber"

As of Monday:
Baby's head is down.
Baby feels like she weighs about 5 pounds.
I do not feel "really pregnant" and therefore I will not going to give birth to my baby "any day now".
I have gained 40 pounds.
I am measuring just a little bit on the low side.

Other notes of which their worth and interest is questionable:
My baby shower is on Saturday.
I have 13 days to go to work left (not including today).
I have 32 days until my due date.
I have 40 days until I am 8 days past my due date which I have been told is the average for first time moms.
My body has decided that it is now acceptable to need to eat every 3 hours at a minimum and nighttime is no exception. Okay, I know I have to get up lots once baby is born. But do I have to start now?
I still have not received a call saying that my chair is in stock and I can come get it. They had better hurry up.
Next week Jared and I are going to spend 3 days at the coast. Weather forecast: Showers and the low 50s.
I like getting bills that I don't have to pay.


  1. wait, why don't you have to pay for your bills?! i need that...

    congrats on not feeling "any day now" or whatever you said. can't wait for your shower!

  2. LOL I like that comment about "any day now" as well! Do first timers really average 8 days late? My heavens, I would have DIED! Congrats on the weight gain, that's freakin awesome!- I was right there with you.

    Have fun at the coast, that sounds heavenly!