Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Newport, Oregon: 11/10 - 11/13

I haven't often been to the Oregon coast. In fact, this was only my second trip. A few years ago we went to Lincoln City for a day -- Labor Day, I think. That was with Jared's family. For our 3-night vacation, we choose Newport. Mostly because we got a good deal on the room. :)

We were greeted by a very friendly cat. Since we had 30 minutes before check-in, we followed our self-proclaimed tour guide, the cat, down to the beach. The trip down wasn't so bad. It was the trip back up the steps and slope that was tiring.

On the whole, I took too many pictures on the trip to be shown here. It's picking and choosing which pictures to show that will be a problem.

Our room had a blue theme. My shirt on one of the days was blue and white striped. It matched perfectly although I don't think a picture of me in that shirt in the room was ever taken. The view was quite lovely looking out over the ocean. Breakfast was good every day even though I wasn't a fan of EVERYTHING that was made. I still liked it.

We went to see the Yaquina Bay lighthouse (the free one), the Newport Aquarium, the beach (several different places), Devil's Punch Bowl, the historic bayfront, and we drove a scenic loop off 101. You'd be looking out over the ocean and then you'd be in forest. Very pretty. And there was a very bright rainbow right then. We attempt to go to the research facility near the aquarium, but it was closed the day we went and we didn't bother to go back. We also walked through many different shops, most of which were on the historic bayfront.

We decided we would get one souvenir to commemorate our vacation. At first, we were thinking "Christmas tree ornament". Then we got to the kitchen shop. Ladies and gentlemen, I resisted. We still had a few more shops to look at. But we ended up right back at the kitchen store ready to make our purchase. I do wish I had a picture of it. I was way too excited to find a whole bunch of cookie cutters. Yes, cookie cutters. Rubber ducky shaped, penguin shaped, turtle shaped, lots of other shapes. Best of all, moose. Heart. I was in love. I'm sure I can do something to make an ornament out of it... just not the actual cutter will go on the tree.

We somewhat expected the weather to be rainy the entire time. After all, that's what the weatherman said. We had plenty of sunshine. Bits of rain but it was mostly at night. All the bits of our trip that didn't involve walking was spent sleeping, reading, eating, and cross stitching (which is another post in and of itself just so I can show off).

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