Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I don't believe you have been receiving any of my previously sent messages to you. Maybe you are a high-tech baby and use the Internet to receive all pertinent information that you need to know. In hopes that this might be right, I am attempting to communicate to you in this way.

I know our due date is not until next Monday, but you don't really need to wait that long. Tonight would be acceptable. Really. It would be. Neither Jared nor I would be complaining. If you do decide to wait, please come before "sometime in the next three weeks" is over. I do not relish staying in pre-labor for that long since we have already been in this stage for the last three weeks. At least things are progressing--you could help them go faster. There's no need to be shy.

If you are waiting for any of our orders to arrive, please don't. We don't need them right away so it really is okay for you to come.

If you are waiting for Jared to finish work, you're good to come now. Today is his last day at playing cycle monitor and he is ready for a break from work after the stress of being on call/working/at his computer every hour for nearly 24/7 for the last week.

If you are waiting for December, it will be here tomorrow. We can start labor today and you can be born tomorrow.

If you are waiting for us to put up a Christmas tree, never fear because our cats are loving it (a little too much, I might add).

Please consider all that I have said. I ask that you review your timeline for entry into my arms and make adjustments accordingly. We love you and can't wait to meet you. I will wait as long as I must. You are worth it.



  1. .....You know, I was going all 'awww' until the last two words.

    My mind still isn't fully adjusting to this fact.

  2. Babies do what they want. I didn't want Lexi to come early and she did. 2 weeks early right before my finals and graduation. I may sound like I'm bragging but I'm not. My labor is nothing to be jealous of, 32 hours and then a c-section. The point is babies do what they want so get used to it. And good luck!

  3. That was stinkin adorable, and way kinder than my get outta there baby comments I had! I'm sure you've heard ALL the good+bad ways to start labor! hahahaha I'm also glad I wasn't the only one having prelabor issues before the big day!

    Hang in there, it's surreal and wonderful! Can we come visit you when the big day comes your way?!?!

  4. seriously baby...listen to your mother.

    can't wait for you either! hopefully things go well for you!! i can't wait to see what she looks like!