Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kaelyn @ 15 Months

Kaelyn had her 15 month appointment yesterday. This was her second doctor's appointment ever.

I don't think I ever posted her 12 month stats, but she was 22 lbs, 27 1/8 inches tall, and her head was 46.3 cm. In the last three months... she hasn't grown much here. She now weighs 22 lbs 4 oz, is 29 inches tall, and her head is 49 cm. She is in the 25th percentile for both height and weight so she is very proportionate still, just on the small side.

My surprise of the appointment was to learn that she has an ear infection. I told our doctor about Kaelyn's runny nose and cough and how I thought it was related to teething (did you know she has two teeth now?). The doctor checked for an ear infection because I guess sometimes those can develop with a runny nose and cough and sure enough, there was one. Jared was just as surprised as I was. We apparently don't know the signs of an ear infection for our happy girl.

She got three shots the same as her 12 month appointment. She did even better this time around. She cried a bit but settled down quickly. It probably helped that she didn't also have her blood checked this time.

Kaelyn loves to talk. Her newest words are piano, pasta, please, and thank you. She knows a lot of signs but will frequently sign "more" without signing "drink" or "food". She almost always signs and speaks at the same time. I need to learn the sign for rice because Jared is feeling sad (he's the rice lover, I'm the pasta lover). Kaelyn loves rice too.

She never stops walking. She is a pro at getting down the one step into the living room. She can open the sliding doors to the pantry and the garbage.

She loves looking at books. This is how we read the first few pages to one of the Sandra Boynton books...
Me: A cow says...
K: Moooo!
Me: A sheep says...
K: Baaaa!
Me: Three singing pigs say....
K: No no no no no!

If you don't know the book, three singing pigs say la la la. The next page says "no no, you say, that isn't right".

We also read this...
Me: Nine dogs on a moonlit night.
K: Aa-ooooooo!

She likes almost all foods. We've introduced her to cooked onions. She loves pasta. She loves fruit. She loves bread. She likes beans, rice, cucumbers, and dips (of all kinds). She LOVES chocolate. She is not a huge fan of eggs in any form but prefers scrambled to hard boiled or fried.

She recently picked up "bumming" everything. This is something my oldest sister does and we've only done it on and off. Bumming is when you sing "bum" (on a note of your choice) when you put something away. She loves to bum her books (she even did it at the doctor's office), toys, and laundry. I didn't realize she understood what bumming was until she put something away and said "bum!"

Kaelyn brings a lot of joy to our lives. Even so, Jared despairs of how two kids in his life will be and asks if we can just stick with one. He'll figure it out eventually because I will have more kids.

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  1. What a darling little girl!!!! I love the updates!