Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I like to cook. I like to eat. I like to learn culinary skills. I like to acquire new recipes. I like you.

This gives me a desire to host a cooking club (or at least begin one) and because this is me, I sooo can't invite people to a cooking club. Really. Boring. And the word club just kinda weirds me out. So here are some names and YOU can vote on it even if you are across the country. Help a girl out! (If you have an idea that you'd like to submit for consideration, throw that in too!)

Bread, Berries, & Beyond

Eat 'em Ups

Faux Gourmet

Food For Families

Bon Appetit

Just a Pinch


  1. i vote for "eat em ups" and "just a pinch". sooo cute. i would come to your non-club club.

  2. "Just A Pinch" works for several reasons. Just a pinch of spice in the kitchen, just a pinch when measuring the portions in the dining room. (That goes along with the book you're currently reading.)

  3. I like "Faux Gourmet" and "Just a Pinch"

  4. I vote for "The Clubbiest Cooking Club ever, Club.".....

    Okay, Faux Gourmet.... I'll go with that one too (if for some strange reason you won't change it to my suggestion)

    PLEASE START THIS CLUBBY CLUB QUICKLY!! I want to do cooking group again :D

  5. I'm with Durante and vote for both Faux Gourmet and Just a Pinch. We have a dinner group that we just call Dinner Group. It's a regular, count on it scheduled event. It's fun, we do pot-luck, and share the recipes. Best part? No kids, just adults. Hey, parents need to have some fun, too!
    Love your site!