Thursday, April 28, 2011

Battle: Wind vs. Tree

Last night there was a battle between the wind and the tree. If I'm typing this, I think it's obvious who won.

I never blogged about our sewer problem, it appears. I must have Facebooked that because I remember doing something with those pictures somewhere.

Short version: there's this tree in our backyard. We're pretty certain it's the largest tree in our neighborhood. Its roots got into our sewer line and caused problems.

We got an estimate to see what it would take to get the stupid thing taken out. $1200 and there isn't access for some of the equipment to get into the backyard. So we decided "later".

Later has come for some of that tree. In all the wind last night, we were awake (thanks to Kaelyn) when we feel our house kind of rock and there's a loud noise. At first, we thought it was the neighbors garbage cans. Jared investigated.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?"
"It is 3:00 am and Kaelyn has already been keeping me away -- THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR GAMES."
"Um. Good news is we still have power and internet. Bad news is part of the tree came down."

Stupid, stupid tree.

So here's the good news in all of this.

The tree is RESTING ON THE POWER LINE but did not cause our power to go out. (Our internet lines are on the ground. Again.)

The tree HIT OUR HOUSE but just barely the corner and did no damage.

We didn't die.

 It's not completely weird that I feel better having taken pictures, right?

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  1. If your tree is resting on the power lines because of the storm, call AEP- they may come out and cut up that broken branch into manageable pieces because they don't want you to get electricuted! Again- good news!! :)