Saturday, May 7, 2011

Downed Tree Part 2

Not to leave anyone hanging (because obviously you were), here is an update on that tree.

Sometime that morning (Thursday), AEP came out and restrung the power line above the tree. I'm still not sure how they knew to come out. I called them but got their automated message that talked about how there were power outages and that was top priority and everything else just wasn't very important right now. So I was pleasantly surprised to see them show up.

My sister and her family ended up coming up also. They were going to just drop off the chain saw (and I was showing my sister how to put sleeves on her jumper dresses and how to make pillowcase dresses) but my brother-in-law (Kevin, not Reed who helped with the backyard surprise) was itching to do something (says my sister) so we let him cut up the tree. I had just one request which I'll get to later.

Near the end, Jamie went out and started to separate the branches. Big branches, little branches, black and blue branches. Or maybe just brown and green.

Jared and Kevin teamed up to move these large chunks.

Hey look. Proof that the tree needs to come down all the way. Preferably before it splits again. Jared and I talked about the tree coming down. His question to me was "oh no, your clothesline will have to come down. What are you going to do?"

And we have lots of wood scattered around our backyard.

Are you wondering what my request was yet?? I wanted some chunks to be cut about this tall so it can be a side table. Awesome, right? I figured I can get some good out of it. I need to dry it and stuff. I don't know what stuff yet because I haven't read up on it yet. I'll attach either caster wheels or legs on the bottom (probably caster wheels. These babies are HEAVY.) so it's not sitting directly on the floor. Not all his cuts are straight but there are some pretty good ones. I'm only using one (probably the one pictured above) so if anyone wants one of the others (or any of the other wood for that matter), just let me know.

Here is a video to end it all. It won't let me upload the other video It's probably a good thing. That way you can't hear the conversation with Kevin. Then you won't hear us talking about Kevin hoping I have no reason to want him dead.

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  1. the clothesline? you mean that string that holds up the playset? haha! glad you guys got it taken care of! yet, a bit disappointed you didn't call me...