Friday, May 27, 2011

Problems in the garden already

I took my camera out to the garden when I went to check on it today so I could take week 2 pictures. I came back inside frowning because I'm pretty certain my garden had a visitor last night.

My indoor herb garden looks interesting. All the stems are kinda weaved and tangled together. As long as they don't look dead, I'll still water them.

Trouble Tree drops presents down for me. I discovered that they sprout in my lovely nutrient-rich soil in no time flat. Seriously--within a day of falling. If only the seeds I plant sprouted this quickly.

NW Garden. I think the carrots are sprouting--not that you can tell in this picture.

A few days ago I found three of my tomato plants looking like this. :( Only one top portion was still on the ground so at first I thought maybe it happened in the windy storm we had a few nights ago. My opinion has changed after other things I saw today.

SW Garden. My kale sprouted here.

A strawberry!!! Unfortunately... this is the only berry left out there. Yesterday's count was five. The stems that the other berries were look like the tomato plant picture above.

And my poor broccoli plant. All of its leaves look like this (the other broccoli plant remains untouched).

 SE Garden. One of the lettuce plants is doing pretty good compared to the rest. Also, one of the bum tomatoes was on the north side of this box so I just planted a watermelon seed.

The flower on this pepper plant looked prettier yesterday.

So I'm thinking the culprit is a bunny -- my mom came to the same conclusion. She suggested a perimeter fence a few feet high. The plan is to take care of it tomorrow so please please PLEASE don't visit us tonight, bunny.

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  1. well how crummy after working so hard!!! Hopefully your little fence will fix the problem!