Friday, May 27, 2011

Mother's Day Hairstyle

I've been needing a change in hairstyle. I was even thinking of going short (ish). That thought didn't last very long because I really would miss my long hair. However, with summertime and the hot weather arriving, I wanted to be able to keep my hair up.

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. "Um, Suki, your hair is always up." This is different! I swear. I wanted something other than the regular ponytail or standard single French braid.

Mother's Day was the perfect opportunity for me to try something new. I did learn one thing though.... it's hard to take pictures to show any details in my hair.

I started at the top and front of my hair and French braided it all the way around. I can see this also being very pretty with a rope braid but I'm not so good at those going around my head.

Oh, I also braided this while my hair was slightly wet still from my shower.

I braided all the way to the end of my hair and then coiled it around into a circle and secured it with bobby pins.

I stuck a pink bow I had made for Easter into the center of the circle. I have layers in my hair so there are tufts near the end that randomly stick out. I slept with this hair in and then just fixed the bobby pins so that the circled part was smaller and left the pink bow out.

Jared wanted to take a complete view video. So he did. :) Oh yeah, I also used hair spray afterwards. I especially like the trick to hair spray around your face and then use a tooth brush to brush the baby hairs into place for a more finished look.

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