Monday, May 23, 2011

It's about time...

Who doesn't need a cutie pie update?? It's been a few months and her cuteness levels are just as high as ever! Kaelyn is 17 months and we are counting down the weeks that she can go to nursery.

This picture was taken General Conference weekend (beginning of April). I managed to put a bow in her hair. It didn't stay. When she left it alone, it was just too heavy for the amount of hair she has! The hair on the top of her head hasn't grown much but the sides and back has (a bit).


I got this picture of her flip flops. This was her first time wearing them. They matched her outfit well. Unplanned.

She has really gotten into stuffed animals and blankets. She doesn't have a favorite blanket but drags any of them around and when she is sitting with one she'll say "cozy". Her favorite stuffed animals is a monkey from her Grandma Lotti and her Winnie the Pooh bear.

She loves to read her books. She reads to herself and she begs us to read to her.

Modeling her Uncle Josh's new monkey blanket. She was excited that they were monkeys.

I made that bib. Apron. Bapron (so says the tutorial I made it from). Every morning I work out and I have an Access shake before and a Proflex shake afterwards. She gets a little bit in a cup with a straw. She helps me shake it too. She always comes running when I ask if she wants a shake. Jared tells me that when she sees the shaker cup, she asks for a shake.

Mothers Day. :) It was a beautiful day outside. I loved my hair that day and got many compliments on it.

She was enjoying some iHop breakfast. :)

Exercising with Mommy!

Her favorite picture pose is the head tilted.

She actually did help me with the power drill. Good, Kaelyn. Teach 'em when they're young.

Grrrrrr... Blogger won't let me upload the video. Maybe tomorrow. Because Kaelyn is so cute!

Other things about Kaelyn:
She knows Grandma, Grandpa, Joshy, Kimmi, Lindey, Jonathan, Lara, Vivi, Gracie.
She loves animals.
She can say barn.
She loves nearly all food. The one food she consistently doesn't like is egg in any form.
One of her favorite foods is pancakes.
She loves to help.
She says thank you and you're welcome.
Sometimes she tells me when she is pooping or has pooped.
She loves her shoes and being outdoors.
She searches her dad's pockets for his phone (and asks for it).
She sleeps in our room but in her own bed with a toddler rail.
She drinks three 8-ounce bottles of milk every night.
She amazes me every single day with her intelligence.

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  1. She's very cute! My children both have a love of shoes too.