Monday, May 9, 2011

The Dining Room

Our dining room got a makeover. In my head it is still a dining room. In reality, it has rarely functioned as a dining room; however, we still have the need to occasionally use it in its intended function so I kept that in consideration. I think I have been very successful but we'll see how it goes in practice.

Before pictures, I also want to add that a space of *my own* is something that I have wanted for a while now. Someplace for me to corral my scriptures, household binder, the laptop, and such. I definitely wanted a desk and I desperately needed a bigger craft area. I found myself using the dining room table to cut material out. Sometimes I even moved my sewing machine off the crappy desk to the table.

So when I changed the family room around (oh, I didn't mention that yet? uh, yeah, that happened too), we decided (no really, Jared decided this with me) that we could move all my craft and sewing things into the dining room.

Here is a before picture. A WAY before picture. Like before we bought the house picture.

And here's a before picture but not quite as before as above.

Welcome to my new space! It's not ultimately what I want or decorated or anything. But it's mine. An excellent first step if I do say so myself.

You can see our $30 Goodwill table. It's been cleaned but needs some love still. I just don't know what kind of love yet. I pushed it against the wall right next to a plug for the sewing machine and it  gives me walking around space.

This is most of my stash. I think. Well, maybe half. There's fabric, sewing supplies, stuff, stuff, more stuff. Since then I have added two more large items to that area so that would be more stuff. This doesn't include any of my paint. That is actually in the basement. It also doesn't include any decorating items like picture frames and jars. Also in the basement. The bottles are in my kitchen. <3

My sewing machine has a place! And the ironing board can stay set up right behind it. I dream of a newer and nicer sewing machine. And a serger. One day in my lifetime.... one day. I feel like my wishlist is far too long. This one was free and does an okay job.

The crappy desk which is my current desk. This will be replaced with another desk soon. My grandmother is giving me one of her desks which was going unused. I hope it fits in this little space. If not, I'll be rethinking this layout. Or something.

The big black thing is a shredder. It remains unplugged until needed. Next is a bag with my scriptures, study guides, colored pencils. The clear plastic container are my files that I wrote about here. Then my laptop and my household binder. And my phone.

The printer has joined this space for the moment. It sits up on a little shelf thing which makes it better but this area is so small to begin with that the printer is ginormous. We considered putting it up in Jared's office but the silly wireless decided to stop working on the printer. And I do use it. Just not frequently. But.. well, for now it's here. We'll see how long it stays. It probably depends on that new desk....

In the remaining corner, I put the mannequin with Mom's regency era jacket that still isn't finished. (Hey, Mom, here's a reminder I need the dress. If you read this.)

And that concludes the dining room turned MINE ALL MINE tour.

Somehow I went from changing the blow up mattress for Kaelyn's crib mattress on the floor in our room to a family room and dining room change. The string of thoughts make sense. I promise. Jared followed it so it's got to make sense. I don't have any pictures of the family room yet. It's not yet finished. Not that this area is finished. But the family room still has a pile of stuff for me to take care of.

It may not be finished but I am in love with MY space.

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