Friday, June 3, 2011

How does your garden grow?

At least I'm writing once a week even if it's nearly all about the garden. I have had many thoughts of other posts. I just don't write them. Mayhap I can change that.

Kaelyn pulled up one of my tomato plants this week. I replanted it and it seems to be doing fine. Kaelyn is now banished from my garden. I'm not sure what I'll do once Jared isn't around to watch her while I'm out there. Let her run around the garden fence trying to find a way to get in?

NW Garden. The spinach is hanging on after the bunny beating it took but I'm just going to have to start eating its leaves as super baby spinach leaves instead of just baby spinach. I'm so proud of all my tomato plants I have that I started from seed. It makes me happy to see them grow bigger. Zucchinis grow fast. Not all my carrots survived - I think some of the seeds drowned or something. I planted more pak choi.

My little pak choi.

SW Garden. I bought more broccoli and brussel sprouts plants to replace the ones that were bunny terrorized. Those are scattered throughout the three garden plots. The heat wilted them a bit when they were sitting out for a few hours before I was able to plant them but with a good watering, they looked so much better the next day! My bush beans haven't sprouted yet but I'm hoping they will.

My single strawberry still! These strawberries are supposed to give two harvests per year so hopefully we'll see more later. This one is looking so pretty but it's not yet ready to pick.

The yellow pear tomato plant has a cluster of flowers now!

SE Garden. There is something planted in every square foot of this bed. Hooray! More carrots, watermelon, cucumbers.

I was pleased to see new growth on some of the strawberry plants. Some had just died but others are coming back. Yay.

The flower from last week is now this mini green pepper!

I don't remember which color this bell pepper plant is but the flower is just starting to open.

And there you have it! Three weeks of gardening. I love it.

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  1. I love your garden posts, and I LOVE the pictures!!! Keep up the awesome work! Maybe you can get a doggy fence for Kaelyn. hehehehe