Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 4 Garden

So much for weekly posts. I have excuses. Wanna hear them? If not, just skip to the pictures. The Friday of W4 was taken up with a family trip to the zoo and then a Chinese buffet afterwards (which Jared rated barely above average but I think he was rating it against Chinese restaurants as a whole and not just buffets). I got these pictures taken on Saturday but then was busy with prepping for my ward's camp for our young women (just on a ward level, not a stake level) that was on W5. W5 pictures were taken on Sunday (Father's Day) and this week has been the beginning of the summer whirlwind. BUT HEY. Pictures of W4 coming up.

NW Garden. I'm so glad I'm taking weekly pictures because this garden really amazes me now!!

The pak choy.

The zucchini.

SW Garden. Guess who hasn't staked her tomato plants yet. (Look in the NW corner of this picture.)

Little tomatoes have appeared!!

See? It needs to be staked.

SE Garden.

The leaves of my green pepper plant keep turning like this and then dropping off.

The cucumbers.

The watermelon.

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