Thursday, June 23, 2011

W5 Garden

I already made my excuses for why this is nearly a week late in the W4 post. So straight onto pictures.

NW Garden. Look how big those zucchini plants are!!! The spinach plants are still growing well too.

Some carrots.

My mouth drools just looking at the pak choy. I can't wait to harvest it. I need to plant more. And I definitely need a bigger garden next year!

My chest puffs up with pride every time I look at these tomato plants. I only purchased two from a nursery and the rest I started from seed. This is one that I started.

SW Garden. Oh look. That tomato plant is still not staked. But hey, some beans actually sprouted!

Lettuce. Yum.

More beautiful little tomatoes.

SE Garden. Everything is growing so well. Except the beans that keep not sprouting.

The yellow (I think) pepper plant. It's tall along with the red (I think) pepper plant.

The green pepper plant still is having trouble. The leaves keep going brown in spots and then dropping. The growth is also super stunted. It is barely half the height of the others.

The watermelon plant.

My cherry tree is weird this year. It barely bloomed and it barely had any cherries on it. There were five within reach and not many more besides. :(

I don't know what was going on with our back step this day, but there were TONS of ants crawling all over it. The next day, they were gone.

And for a very last picture, this was the first harvest several weeks ago. Since then we've enjoyed lettuce and spinach as salad and on sandwiches. I love eating what we've grown!!


  1. Great job!!! I just harvested our 2nd zucchini, some broccoli, carrots and peas from our garden this morning!! Really love Ohio this time of the year!!!

  2. Those look awesome!!!! I totally need to do that this next year!!! Way to go!