Monday, June 27, 2011

W6 Garden

If I remember, I'll be taking W7 pictures on Thursday and then W8 a few days late. What's new? :)

NW Garden. I pulled the spinach and planted.... um, something there. I'm pretty certain I put beans there.

I love how this pak choy looks more and more like the final project every day.

SW Garden. Don't look at the tomato still sprawling on the asphalt. It's too late for that tomato to be staked up.

Beans! Some of the few out of several seeds that I've planted.

SE Garden. Growing beautifully!

One pepper plant with no leaves on the bottom stem.

Another pepper plant just as tall as the last but with leaves on the bottom.

Some beautiful tomatoes.

I kept forgetting to take a picture of this, but there's these greenery things out front. A few weeks after I put the fence up around the garden out back, I noticed some of these leaves disappearing. In a matter of five days, all the leaves of that particular type of plant was gone. It looks like this now.

See? Gone. I don't really care because they came with the house and in my long-term plan, those aren't remaining. Revenge of the Rabbits?


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  2. If you're removing the hosta and the sedum, I could find use for them.