Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kaelyn's a Big Girl

Kaelyn has been showing me lately that she deserves to be called a Big Girl. She's not the smallest or the skinniest  kid but she is less than 50 percentile. And her hair still reminds me of a mullet.

Speaking of her hair. I've tried clips (Kimmi found some that are little enough for her sparse, short front hairs) but she doesn't leave them in for very long. Headbands stay on a little bit longer. And hats are a hit or miss.

Today she came to me with a ponytail holder that she had found. She tried to put it in her hair by herself (like she puts on her headbands) but obviously, since it was too small, that didn't work out well. She asked for help. Knowing how she is about everything else in her hair, I didn't think it would stay in very long.

It is still in! I took {horrible quality} pictures and she's gone off to read books, have a drink, snap herself with a rubber band... She hasn't tried to take it out once.

What a sweetheart!

What I really wanted to write and remember was that we were eating breakfast (German pancakes) and she wasn't in her highchair. She took a bite even though it was still too hot for her liking and then spit it out. "Oh no!" In the past, that's all she did while I would pick up whatever fell. This time she ran off and came back with the hand towel and said "excuse me!" while pushing my chair so I knew she wanted me to move. She wiped up the whole area.

This also brings to mind another Big Girl incident. A few days ago, I was changing up my family room (again). The way the couch and the toy thing was, she kept climbing on the toy thing and falling head first onto the couch. It made me too nervous the way her neck was bending some times so I just moved the toy thing. I also took the time to put chairs and a table there.

The table was something like $12 from craigslist. It's a metal base and a glass top.

The chairs were $5.99 from Goodwill but they were 50% off that day so I grabbed all four of them up (the other two are blue and still in the basement because I don't need them all up right now). They need a paint job. I'll get to it. Sometime. I bought them last year because I knew I wanted them someday for Kaelyn. That day has come.

The second day it was up, she tried standing on the table to look outside. "Oh no! Mommy! Help!" (Why is it that everything is said with an exclamation mark now?) She now learned why I said not to stand on the table as the glass top can tilt. Since then, she hasn't tried to get on it again and instead stands on the chair to look outside.

What happens instead is that whenever that cats sit on it, she tells them "all done" and tries to get them off.

I love watching her grow up. I have no sniffles or tears about my little baby being such a big girl. Probably only because I know another baby is in my future (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT). I will probably get the blues when I'm on my last child.

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  1. cute. my LO has the opposite problem- her long hair is at the crown of her head with only short practically ungrowing hair in the back.