Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's gush about Kaelyn


Hi, New Blogger UI. It will take me a while to get used to you, but it looks like you are easier to use. Always a good sign.

I know I'm a week behind on garden pictures. Story of my life. (Short story, right?) I haven't taken them off my camera yet.

Nothing is better in my life than this sweetheart right here.

I failed in writing her an 18-month post. She is now 19 months! A month ago, she weighed 23 lbs 6 oz and 29 7/9 inches tall. At 15 months, she was 22 lbs 4 oz and 29 inches.

I don't write about her very frequently. I don't very frequently at all. But I really should write more about her (and probably Jared...). Because she's just so darned cute!

She has 8 teeth. Most of her hair is growing. That front little bit still isn't...

She loves her cousins Lara and Vivi. I am sure she loves her cousins Lilli and Grace but we don't see them as frequently. Actually, I don't think she loves Vivi as much as Lara. But she knows Lara comes with Vivi so she says both names. Kaelyn gets so excited whenever they come to visit.

Kaelyn is going to be a great older sibling. When we met her newest cousin, Mariella, Kaelyn was drawn to her. I got to hold Mariella early in the evening and Kaelyn climbed onto my lap saying "baby! baby! hold" and then put her arms around Mariella so sweetly. Since then, every time she sees Mariella, she says "baby" and looks at her but is very gentle (for a kid!).

Her Aunt Kimmi stays with us during most of the week and Kaelyn just loves having her around. On the days Kimmi is not here, Kaelyn will periodically throughout the day ask for "Kimmi?" or "Josh?" whichever one suits her fancy.

We went to Oregon a few weeks ago and Kaelyn had a great time with everyone she got to meet and play with. Aunt Colleen taught her the itsy bitsy spider and now Kaelyn loves it. She can sing it herself. If I can ever get her to do it when the camera is on, I will post it!

No, she is not potty trained. Yes, we sort of are starting (very VERY sort of). Whenever she gives us signs that she is pooping, we sit her on the potty. She loves it. I'm happy she is not afraid and sometimes will even ask to sit on the potty.

While I was at Youth Conference last week, Kaelyn got to stay with her Aunt Jamie, Aunt Lindey, Uncle Kevin, and Cousins Lilli and Grace. Of this time period, Lindey said "does she always leak through her diapers?" She insisted she changed her every few hours but for everyone who knows Lindey.... well, it's Lindey. Jamie said that she was perfect and Kevin proclaimed her a genius.

I recently looked at developmental milestone charts mostly because I was curious as to what they said. One said that by the time your child is 2, they will be able to say three-word sentences and sing simple tunes. I don't particularly consider Dynamite by Taio Cruz (but sung by Mike Tompkins) to be a simple tune. She sings the entire chorus. She has a great sense of rhythm.

She is starting to try to walk up and down the stairs without holding onto anything. She can do shallow stairs really well. Our stairs are not so easy but she still tries.

She loves to help so I gave her a job. She gets to feed the cats every day. I still assist her (her picking up and putting down skills aren't very level yet) but she loves it. I thought that maybe it would help her stop getting into the food and water. It did. Or maybe it was just lucky timing. Either way, we don't have to be paranoid about leaving the pantry door open. 

She loves "pictures" (the camera) and will take and look at pictures.

She loves to brush her teeth and her hair. She even -spits- in the sink when she is done.

I'm not even sure I could begin to count her words but I'm 100% positive that she exceeds the developmental charts 50-70 words by two years of age.

As far as the bad things about her... she still doesn't sleep through the night and she still doesn't go to sleep by herself and she still sleeps in my room (albeit in her toddler railed crib).

If I write more about her, I'll be able to tell more stories rather than facts. :)

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