Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the suburb, the mighty(?) suburb, Kaelyn sleeps tonight

Remember this post when I listed my 2011 to do's? Or this or this post about Kaelyn's sleeping... um... habits?

It is a constant up and down battle. I can't really call it a battle though because I'm not fighting real hard. Slow and steady wins the race. Right? Right??? Ahem.

Lately, I've realized that sometimes Kaelyn needs additional unwinding time after she is ready for bed or a nap. (Jared does not always help with this.) I just shut the doors and for the most part ignore her. If she gets out of bed, I set a timer (on my phone) for five minutes. If she isn't back in bed by the end of five minutes, I put her back. I don't let her get into the drawer of the nightstand but I don't stop her from opening closet doors.

Since starting that, I've been surprised at how often she'll get back into bed before the five minutes are up. Doesn't mean she stays there. But she will get back in.

She has started staying in bed longer when she wakes up over the last few weeks. She rarely gets out of bed by herself when she wakes up. She calls so I know she's awake and then she waits. Sometimes she is still laying down when I get up there. She also knows that her pacifier goes in her bed and that she isn't allowed to walk around with it (she still tries, but she generally is very good about taking it out when I remind her).

I can say that except for once or twice in the last several months, Kaelyn sleeps in her own bed! This is awesome. It would be even more awesome if it were in her own room but hey. Baby steps.

I can also say that except for once or twice in the last several months, Kaelyn does not sleep the whole night through. She still wakes up for a drink and if she doesn't get it, she keeps asking. Sometimes she can't find her pacifier (and she's pretty lazy at looking for it). She wakes up, on average, twice a night. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Usually twice.

At least I can count on her sleeping at least until 7am. This week it has been later (this morning she didn't wake up until 8:30!!!!!) but she has also gone to bed later.

Naps vary anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. Yesterday was a rare case at 3 1/2 hours (and then refusing to get out of bed for the next 1/2 hour). Today she woke up at 1 1/2 hours. She called out but then stayed quiet so I thought she went back to sleep. I went upstairs 30-45 minutes later to put something away and she sits up in bed. So now I'm not sure if she was asleep for that time or just laying there quietly waiting for me to come upstairs. Either way, I'm happy.

Our bedroom will seem a lot bigger once a crib is no longer in there.


  1. Well at least she isn't backtracking! We've been working so hard on the pacifier staying in the bed. I admit I'm not great with the consistency on that one! Good job, Mama!

  2. She's so cute. At least she's progressing. :)

    When it comes to repurposing clothes, like you mentioned on my blog, I don't have a sewing machine... Otherwise I probably would.