Friday, August 26, 2011

HHC Mural: Part 2

We put the primer to some use on day 3. On these side panels, we didn't scrape them. Best decision ever! I don't think I did much this day besides chase Kaelyn everywhere. Two side panels got primed.

Just this one panel got primed. They also got a cover thingy on their AC vent. We got more of the second panel scraped. We = Kimmi.

Kimmi broke out some color on day 4 and was over the moon about it. After we discussed out to add texture, she just squiggled the brush around. I really don't have any other way to describe what she did. She painted a single layer of the blue because we really liked how the white kinda showed through to add depth and interest.

The second panel around the main doors was finished being scrapped and we got to the third panel. I think I may have actually helped this day. A little bit anyway.

Sometime prior to day 5 we went to buy the rest of her paint. We bought sample sizes from Home Depot. Kimmi stressed that it wouldn't be enough. I have lots of paint now. :)

For the brown, I showed her how to dip a cloth (it was a thin-ish cloth almost like a cheese cloth) in the paint and then dab it onto the surface. No wiping motions allowed. Just dabs. She loved how it still had texture and interest but was different from the blue. She painted just one layer of the brown.

By the end of day five we only had two panels left to scrap! We started a very small portion of the top middle panel but didn't get far. It was pretty hot.

She got all the brown down and we thought it looked amazing at this point. It's all about the vision, I guess!

From here we had a few weeks off. The first week was due to the heat. When we could go it was just not a smart idea to venture forth especially with Kaelyn in tow. The second week was girls camp.

Remember: Kimmi only needed 10 hours for her project. At this point, she had spent about 15 hours on her project. If you include my hours, we have spent 20 hours on this project. Twice what she needed.

Stay tuned to see how we went from these last few pictures to completion in one week!

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