Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Checkpoint for Suki

I was looking back at my to-do list for 2011 and realized how many items on there I have worked on or completed and yet... I haven't posted about it. So it looks like I've been lazy over there but in truth, I've just been lazy on reporting it. I'd better get going on that.

September starts tomorrow. That means four months left in the year. Four months until Christmas!!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS as you may remember from last year. Ahem.

I am actually looking forward to fall this year. One of my Target trips over the summer proved to be awesome with many scores from the clearance section. Most of them will be repurposed but one was a blue jacket that I love. I'd been keeping an eye out for jackets that I love with a price tag I can love as well and this one fit the ticket. You'll have to wait for pictures. Maybe in October... when I actually wear it.

Something else I look forward to is hanging my bats again this year. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday but I adore my bats.

Blogging every night definitely has its advantages. I find myself constantly thinking about what to post next or what would be good blog posting material. I'm even trying to take better pictures and I can't say that's going very well. It is motivating for me to continue to do things which I might otherwise slack on. Blogging also gives me some focus and structure and that is creeping into other parts of my life. That could never hurt. I make an effort to comment on other blog posts because receiving comments makes me feel good about the effort I put into a post so I can only guess that others feel the same way!

Something you may not know about me: I recently got a job. I manage contests and giveaways for my sister-in-law. She is a published author of the New York's Bestsellers Tiger's Curse. She got way busy and asked for help on a few tasks and so I'm helping her with the contests and giveaways. It's a bonus that I get paid to do it. Part of my job includes writing blog posts introducing the giveaways and the winners. I manage an email address for this job as well. I've also found that I'm becoming more personal and talkative through her Facebook page. Many of the skills I am developing through this job will help me through my own endeavor which I'm not ready to announce yet.

To end a post with something cute... We went to COSI to watch Vivi (and Mariella) for a while so her big sister Lara could attend a science workshop. At one point, Vivi and Kaelyn were actually in the same location of Little Kidspace playing together. This is the first time I have seen Kaelyn play pretend on this sort of level.

I wanted to post a video but Blogger is being a pain so here's a picture. Vivi would feed Kaelyn and herself. The lettuce was the salad and it was soup in the bowls. Kaelyn actually pretend ate without putting the spoons into her mouth. (I can't say the same about an apple that found its way to her hand 20 minutes later.) Lots of sweet words of praise going back and forth from both girls.


  1. Yay for awesome deals!

    That sounds like a really fun job :) I'm a little jealous :)

  2. If I had a sewing machine, money, and more time, I'd probably repurpose my entire wardrobe. It could use it!

    And that job sounds like fun! I'm curious as to what you're up to now...