Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HHC Mural: Part 3

Wow, I can't believe that by the end of day six we were at this point! It felt like a lot longer (probably because of all the breaks in between days). The middle section got two coats of primer because it was going to predominately remain white.

Kimmi outlined puzzle pieces on the four corners. Actually, only three corners. The fourth's primer wasn't dry enough yet.

Blue fish, green sea weed. It's a start. (And I could never ever draw fish like that. And these are even just one color right now!)

Day seven! We were really chomping at the bit to get this done now. We were planning on spending the whole week there and praying that Kaelyn would be patient with us as we stuck her in the play pen with toys and books so both of us could work.

I started out by randomly choosing which color would go where on the puzzle pieces. Kimmi didn't want any of them touching unless maybe it was on the diagonal. I was so good that the same color doesn't touch ANYWHERE. Except in a few spots where the diagonal and the straight pieces touch but she said that was okay and even kind of good because they're like a different puzzle.

The pieces that are straight are smaller than the ones that are diagonal. You'll be able to see it better later on.

It seems that Kimmi didn't take a picture on this day of all four fish panels but you can see that she did a bit of work over here too.

Some green stubbies. :)

Day EIGHT and we were thrilled over how the colors were coming together! Now, this was kind of time consuming. We used small foam brushes and had to do two layers of paint. Luckily the paint dried quickly enough that as soon as we finished our first layer, we could go back through for our second layer.

Oh, and neither of us are particularly tall so painting the small bits at the very top was a bit fun. (Right, Kimmi?)

Kimmi had fun mixing paint colors to create coral and paint more fish. She has some star fish in there as well.

Day nine and we almost finish all the puzzle pieces. Kaelyn had a rough time so I was with her half the time.

You can see how there's a small bit of diagonal puzzle pieces that are larger than the straight and small ones. Doesn't it look great? Yeah, we thought so too. Up until the next day (which will be in a different post).

Most of these last few days, Kimmi worked on the fish panels while I worked on the puzzle pieces. I never touched the fish panels. She worked with the puzzle pieces. We don't really have close ups of these fish evolving into their final point but it was fun to see the layers of paint go on the fish and the coral, seaweed, and EVERYTHING to really create something awesome.

Still day nine and we're so close. Just some blues to finish up top plus the middle panel. Plus the pain-in-the-tush black. But more on that another time.

The last several days we worked on the mural was during break week for the folks at the school. This meant no students and no staff. (The maintenance man was there once at the same time we were but that was it.) (Well, unless you count the people who tend the garden that talked to us sometimes. But they aren't connected to the school. They just care for the garden that is on the school property.) (And we definitely aren't counting the boy that came by THREE DIFFERENT DAYS because he wanted to help paint [definite no] or play with Kaelyn [just don't get in the pen] or ride his bike around and around the drop cloth where open cans of paint sat out [breathe, Suki, breathe--it's not like he would've made more of a mess than Kimmi].) So while they had seen us working on it and seen the early stuff (maybe), it was going to be a huge surprise when they came back.

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