Monday, August 22, 2011

Meal Planning + Making Pizza

Today I had a bit of a surprise (holy cow we spent a lot of money of food). Jared and I each decided on something that we would do to bring that number down a little bit in September. So I'm bringing back the meal plan. I haven't for a while now.... summer was a little crazy. (That's a valid excuse, right?) I kinda let it go. It wasn't too bad. But I like having meals planned out so I don't have to think about what to make when it's time to make something.

I'm also going to take it a step beyond that and prepare all of the dinners in one afternoon. They will keep in the fridge until I'm ready for that meal. One of the meals I'm making will be split into thirds for two of the parts to be frozen. Oh! And I'm freezing yogurt cubes right now so I can prep smoothies. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I grocery shop and prep the food. We'll see how Kaelyn goes....

Oh wait! And I'm going to have a snack station kind of thing. Pre-portion snacks out and then it's a quick grab for either me and Kaelyn or Jared for his lunches.

I thought about being smart and making pizza dough while Kaelyn was still taking a nap today. I thought of this too late, however. So I involved Kaelyn since she complains any time I make bread or anything like that.

She was very eager to help.

It took her a bit to understand how to knead. I told her to push and she got it.

She also thought eating the dough was okay.....


Dinner was awesome. Maybe it was the home grown, ripe, delish tomatoes. Maybe it was the extra serving of cuteness that Kaelyn added to the dish. Whatever it was, the tomato tart was sooo good. We always love eating this type of pizza and having tomatoes that we grew on it made it even better! (Except Kaelyn wanted regular pizza--she doesn't eat tomatoes yet.)

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  1. Absolutely love the idea of having the meals pre'made. Nothing really can beat having fresh ripe tomatoes from your garden, I can only imagine they tasted amazing. I like that Kaelyn helped, my daughter loves to help me cook, but often that takes me twice as long.