Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Room, Ruffles, and Paint

Day Two without Kaelyn is complete. Mom tells me "don't be jealous but she didn't wake up at all last night". Well, neither did I. :)

Yesterday I did organizing and cleaning in the living room. It was looking pretty scary so I had started working on it slowly a few weeks ago. It's not "done" but it's to the point where the remaining items are things we want to keep but they don't have a location. Yet.

I'll be working on storage space soon but I got distracted today. And will continue that distraction tomorrow.

We really like the cat stuff in this area. And this area looked a whole lot worse before these pictures were taken. I don't have a true before picture. Oops.

That's all the remaining clutter in the living room! It's awesome. It's actually a little better now because those bags in the lower right corner have been taken to the recyling now.
I have also done a little bit of sewing. I intended to do a lot of sewing this week but I got distracted....

Look, Breezi... RUFFLES.
If you ever sew with knits, don't try to be lazy and sew with a regular needle. Use a ballpoint needle. Trust me.

My distraction had to do with my family room, entry, and this.

It is THE PERFECT color for this space. I love the vision in my head and can't wait to show you all how it turns out! Actually, I'd show you preview pictures now but I just don't have any.



    Great job :) Can't wait to see your other projects :)

  2. I love the shirt! And it looks like you've done a lot! If I were you, I wouldn't just clean/switch up the house, I'd sit and read uninterrupted! That would be lovely.

  3. Hi! It's Christie from Sew What's Happening blog. Thanks for stopping by, I recently posted the tutorial to the dress/coverup at http://sewwhatshappening.blogspot.com/2011/08/swimsuit-cover-updress-tutorial.html if you're still interested

    I love the shirt you made, looks great!

  4. Great job decluttering. I love watching other people declutter because it is inspiring