Thursday, April 30, 2009

I <3 My Sisters

They keep me entertained throughout my otherwise usually boring work days.

Lindey: I'm so mad. Epik High is going to be performing in San Fran a month BEFORE I get out there. D:<
Me: Who is Epike High? I prolly don't want to know.
L: Kpop/Internation artists. They're pretty darn awesome. Especially Tablo.
Me: Yeah... like I said.... :-D
L: *hits you*
Me: :-D
L: DANG IT ALL. Mamma Mia's not actually next month. It's July. GAAAAHHHHHH
Me: *pats*
L: No Mamma Mia, no Epik High. Hmmm, wonder if Rain, Se7en, or Big Bang would be out there... Or DBSK.
Me: Or... wait until you actually have money to see these things? *ducks*
L: ...... *hits you again*
Me: MISS!! Cause I already ducked.
L: *goes low* *hits you!*
Me: I GOT A BABY!! You can't hurt me.
L: ........ D: You fight dirty.
Me: :-D Only way to fight from across the country.


  1. that's awesome. you got a baby? did i miss something?

  2. I was thinking the same exact thing as Susette! PLUS you took out that you're not yet pregnant in your "about me" section. What's going on????

    And Yay for sisters. I love having them.

  3. Congrats! I found out yesterday from Linda.