Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Need of Vacation Ideas

So. I have 106 hours + 1 day of vacation to take this year. That's 14.25 days. I only have 2 maybe 3 days planned (because I have to cancel 5 other days of vacation). Which leaves me with about 11 days.

Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe a lot of 3 day weekend trips. Or just random Wednesdays off. But... what to do?


  1. I am so confused as to how your vacation days work...c

  2. how about a whale watching cruise? They're so awesome!

    Hiking near Seattle!

    omg, if i were you I'd have a whole month planned for all that there is to do out there!

  3. Yep, Grandma Nebeker in La Grande. Although her cat, Fred, isn't around anymore. I think he died sometime last year. He was nice. :(

    As for what to do, what NOT to do??? Go to southern California and bum around at the beach. Go to New York and hit the town a little. Go home for a long time. lol. Do whatever you want!