Monday, April 6, 2009

A Rude Awakening

The alarm went off at 6:20 am. As usual, I thought about how I should get up. I could make 10-grain hot cereal. And then I promptly hit the snooze button and snuggled up next to Jared. 1st snooze.... 2nd snooze.... Okay, now it's 6:40, we really should get up. I start waking up Jared and we're talking a bit. Then we hear a loud noise in the living room followed by a thump onto the bed and across our faces.

The next thing I know, Jared has his hand to his face yelling "My eye! Owww!!!" I move his hand away and see a scratch above his eyebrow that is bleeding a little bit. A few seconds later I notice blood gathering under his closed eyelid. "Uhhhhh...." I ask if he can open it. He can't. So "Um, okay. Emergency room." Jared: "Maybe it will fix itself?" I call my mom. While I'm trying to get dressed fast while formulating a coherent question in my brain, Jared stands up. "Uh, I feel sick." Then the blood starts flowing down his cheek. Easy fix: tissue. He didn't mention not going to the ER again. We throw clothes on--I feed the cats--and we're off.

It wasn't very busy. By the time we get past the check-in point (the second one), the blood has stopped and he can open his eye better. His eye looks fine. It's just his eyelid. We think.

The doctor comfirmed it. It wasn't deep enough for stitches. His eye wasn't touched. As for where it is... you know when you pull down your lower eyelid and there is a fleshy part? Well, the cut start at the top of the eyelid where you could see it and the continued on the inside of the eyelid on that fleshy part. It seems pretty amazing that the eye wasn't touched with the cut located like that.

The doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment that we're to put in his eye several times a day. Jared tried to and couldn't. So I get to squeeze it in. It's not too hard. If he would stop blinking. I told him that now he knows how Jaeden felt when we had to do it to her.

I did enjoy going into work late though. :-)


  1. so, the cat almost KILLED my brother-in-law and then you fed them? That doesn't make sense. If Jemima were to do something like that I'd throw her out our bedroom window in a heartbeat.

    I'm glad it's not worse than it is.

    get better bro. and we need some pics... i mean... documentation!

  2. Jemima would probably do something like that out of spite. Jaeden was just scared.

    No pictures. I'm pretty certain Jared would've had an issue if I said "oh wait a second, honey, I need pictures so can you just lower that tissue so I can get the blood stains around your eye and down your cheek?" And now it doesn't look that bad.