Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Mandatory Means

You may think I only have interesting things to say about work. Well, that is probably true. And it probably isn't all that interesting, but let me regale you with another story.

Account Manager: *sends out email about new procedures put in place and notifies everyone of an all-hands meeting that will be taking place where attendance is required*
Suki: *schedules said meeting putting "mandatory" in the subject line and put a little blurb from Deborah's meeting in there*
Technical Manager: *sends out a second email further clarifying some points in Account Manager's email*

At the meeting: everyone gets yelled out, jobs threatened, reputations destroyed.

Suki: *schedules follow-up meeting for all the misfits who didn't make it*

I've gotten three types of responses so far.
1) Okay, will be there. --No response necessary.
2) On vacation. Deadline coming up. After this date will be good. --Silly people. Account Manager is not willing to wait more than a week and a half after the original meeting. Maybe the mandatory bit didn't clue them in. Or the meeting happening the very next day of the original email going out. Or the closeness of the follow-up meeting to the original meeting.
3) We already had an account meeting this month, why do we need another one? --Maybe if you had attended... you would know.

Plus, it's more fun to be in one of these meetings with MORE people than less... you don't want a one-on-one lecture. Not with this junk that's going on.

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