Friday, December 16, 2011

Kaelyn’s 2 Yr Dr Appt

Weight: 25lb 7oz (25%)

Height: 32 1/4in (20%)

TB test results: don’t have ‘em yet, not worried

Finger prick results: hemoglobin and iron levels good

Three shots: Uhhhhh, yeah, don’t remember which ones, but she did really well

She wanted the finger bandaid off but I asked her to wait a little longer. She looked sad but then went back to playing.

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  1. Haha, Andrew weighed more than Kaelyn at his ONE-year appointment! He was something like 28 1/2 lbs. Ridiculous. And at his 2-year appointment, he was 36 lbs! And he was 35 1/4 inches tall. Yeah. He's huge.

    I still haven't seen Kaelyn in person. Maybe you can bring her with you when you come with the foodie package?