Friday, December 2, 2011

Mariella’s Tag Blanket

Valerie, my oldest sister, asked me to make her youngest daughter, Mariella, a tag blanket. Mariella loves to stick stuff—especially fabric—in her mouth. I was happy to oblige. This was my first tag blanket. Easy peasy!

12 - December

It is less than a square foot. And as you can tell, it’s not exactly even the whole way around. But Mariella sure loves it!



  1. That is such a great idea for babies. Heck, even my 16 month old still likes to chew on fabric.

  2. Cute! If I could get a blanket like that with hard things to chew on around the edges, that would be perfect for David! He chews on everything since he's teething.

  3. Mariella loves it! It's very handy in the car or anytime I want to keep her happy. And we've only had it for a day! Thank you, Auntie Suki :)